Low-key Modern Luxury Full House Cabinet Design for Big house

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The lightings, the island,the grill cutting off the rooms,behind the TV set and the bed,you can easily find so many linear elements in this house.Light wood grain or grill and the eye-catching black elements complement each other in a change of proportion.The dining table is embedded in the island but low down beneath the countertop,which still parallels to the lightlines but looks more stratified.The island and the dinning table together in line with the cabinet add another punch of soothing symmetry.Glass doors and grills used as partitions lighten the space,while allowing more daylight to come in.
Low-key Modern Luxury Full House Cabinet Design for Big house


Light wood tones warm up the space and complement the eye-catching black elements in a change of proportion,natural without cluttering the whole space.While splashes of yellow add some unique glamour to the kitchen.


MDF,Marble Stone,Veneer,Matte Lacquer


Floor-to-ceiling Whole House Customization

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White and Wood Color Modern Style Melamine Whole House Customization

Cabinetry plays a role far beyond storage in this open living space. Through subtle color combinations, the cabinets complement with the walls, creating a simple yet layered appearance.


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