Matte Lacquer Series Whole House Cabinet Customization

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Introducing our exquisite matte lacquer cabinets, designed to elevate the minimal aesthetic appeal of your entire home. From the open bookshelves for the study to the wardrobe and bedside cabinets for the bedroom, and even the TV grounded cabinet, the whole lacquer cabinet series exude a sense of high-end steadiness. Meanwhile make the kitchen stand out by incorporating beautiful woodgrain and backsplash. Small compact L-shaped kitchen cabinetry meets the daily cooking and storage needs of individuals or small families. 
Matte Lacquer Series Whole House Cabinet Customization


The designer has opted for black to create a serene and minimalist living space. The deep, rich hues of the furniture and cabinets well blend and showcase a luxurious and fashionable spatial aesthetic. Contrasting with this, the kitchen features a classic combination of white and wood, adding depth and enduring appeal to the space.


Plywood, Particle board, Lacquer, PET, Melamine, Sintered Stone


Floor-to-ceiling Whole House Customization

Modern Minimalist Lacquer Finish Floor-to-ceiling Whole House Customization

With a large scale of floor-to-ceiling cabinets featuring streamlined, smoothing surfaces and integrated pulls, this home space really ties to modern minimalist aesthetics.

Melamine Whole House Customization

White and Wood Color Modern Style Melamine Whole House Customization

Cabinetry plays a role far beyond storage in this open living space. Through subtle color combinations, the cabinets complement with the walls, creating a simple yet layered appearance.


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