12 Sets of Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Designs

12 Luxury Cabinet Designs You Definitely Need to Know

12 Sets of Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Designs

Luxury is a treat that can be enjoyed at any scale and in any style. Although there are some common threads within luxury kitchens, like beautiful pendant lights and exquisite details of carvings, designers work hard to make each unique to their owners. If you are looking for more inspiration, here, we’ve got 11 examples to spark your creativity to your kitchen of luxury.

Black Sophisticated Kitchen Design

Black is charming and stylish. Trends come and go but black never fades away. Incorporate black-colored glass, matte finishes, hardware and appliances, as you can see, a black kitchen adds a level of sophistication to the space.

A dark kitchen looks sophisticated for sure, but don’t be afraid to throw in some brighter pieces like the brushed gold on the pendant lights and the chairs. The marble counters stand obviously in contrast to the black cabinetry especially the island counter, different colors and textures make this sophisticated minimalist kitchen look more interesting. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Create a glamorous kitchen space with large modern cabinetry. Open and closed storage tall cabinet units take a subtle balance here. The whole features linear details from waistline, kicker and cabinet frame. Mixed countertop adds visual aesthetics and functionality. You can have meal preparation and cooking on the stone countertop and assign the wooden countertop as the eating area. Glossy muted beige finish feels chic, making an effective contrast to the rustic combo of wood and black.

Install a multidimensional island for instant visual impact. In this kitchen, it’s huge and grounded featuring surfaces of contrasting textures and colors, which anchors the whole space and bridges kitchen cabinetry and diner area. Besides, the tall cabinet units integrated glass and matte finishes. It creates a soothing visual flow and gives a powerful modern touch. Proper scale of light and dark hues creates a glamorous look in this kitchen space.

Transitional Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Design

High contrast monochrome kitchens are sharp and edgy. This kitchen features a fusion of traditional and contemporary design styles to create a well balanced look for your home. Details of carvings, moldings and panels make it look vintage and classic, while modern materials like glass and stainless steel feel more high-end. Incorporate cool white with a touch of smoky grey really adds depth to this space. It feels clam and timeless.

This Shaker style cabinet gets a navy blue treatment, which is glamorous on its own. Enrich it with white counters and copper knobs to make it look more regal and grounded.

Low-key Luxury Kitchen Idea

Sometimes a minimalist kitchen design can still look high-end and luxurious, it’s all in the quality of the materials, a well balanced layout and color scheme. Light grey cabinets match beautifully with the randomly streaked marble. Pair them with the warmth of dark wood dinning table and the aesthetic pendant lights, this gallery kitchen is demonstrating a sense of low-key luxury.

This kitchen plays with a monochromatic palette from light to dark, glossy to matte, making a simple yet distinguished contrasts. A little bit gold accents enhance the low-key luxury feel. Handleless design lends a seamless appearance to cabinets, simple yet stunning.

Classic Style Kitchen Idea

This furniture style cabinetry is rich in detail and elegance. It owns powerful beauty from both natural wood and the craftsmanship. Cream-colored cabinets and texture-rich counter and backdrop well match with each other.

Beautiful molding details painted with gold, handles and pendant lights are enough to spell luxury. Aqua backdrop adds another hue to the mix.

Luxury Industrial Kitchen Design

An exposed brick backdrop and metal elements are a key to feel that factory vibe that is raw and tough. And a dark - toned cabinetry makes this kitchen more impressive. The bar stools and lighting pendants add a touch of vintage and linear aesthetics. Dark wood and black cabinets prove to be a striking combo in this rustic meets industrial two-toned kitchen.

This large luxury kitchen has a great deal of attention. It is a good mix and match of industrial and natural elements. It shows the original color of wood while being framed by black metal. Pair it with glass-fronted door, which can be aesthetically pleasing if you love keeping your cabinets perfectly organized. Two islands is connected by a veener countertop, not only does that extends the worktop,but also can serve as bar counter setting two or three high stools.



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12 Sets of Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Designs

12 Sets of Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Designs

12 Luxury Cabinet Designs You Definitely Need to Know


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