Cabinet design knowledge you must know

Before you even imagine your dream cabinet, there are some details that you have to pay attention to.

Things You Should Know about Kitchen Design

The kitchen is not only a work space for cooking but a landscape for decorating homes. It has evolved into a place designed to provide both fashion and function.Here are 3 basic things you should know before you actually plan your kitchen cabinets.


Every kitchen needs to be arranged in a way that provides a smooth flow and transition from the refrigerator to the range to sink and to the dishwasher. Arranging key appliances in a triangle pattern with the sink side-by-side helps to maximize efficiency in the kitchen. If possible, we recommend L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen to achieve this function.


Great L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens calls for great corner kitchen storage solutions. The simplest way to solve this corner storage problem is by adding a lazy susan or blind corner cabinet. 


The kitchen color plan sets up the overall ambiance. especially for a limited kitchen space,Integration of light and bright color is more recommended as it makes the kitchen larger visually.While in spacious room, a dark tone or gray tone color scheme is able to create a sense of luxury, making your kitchen stylish and edgy.


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