Sofia, Bulgaria Full House Project

Sofia, Bulgaria Full House Project

Product Supplied: Kitchen Cabinets, TV Cabinet, Bathroom Vanity, other cabinets 

Technical Support: Customized Design, 3D Picture, Delivery, Installation Instruction

It’s more likely playing a balance game when we designed cabinetry for this house since the color scheme was decided as you see: simply wood color and white.The space is quite a language of Sofia, Bulgariacountry and rustic, and our cabinets attempted to enrich that a bit more.

Kitchen Cabinet Project

We opted for a wood that looks closer to the floor and lacquer white finish that bounces light., which injects the balance of warmth and color.

According to the clients' needs, we take the advantage of the wall and design a tall cabinet unit for versatile usage. Besides, add a tall, narrow side cabinet to create visual separation while providing extra storage and space for display.

Kitchen Cabinet Project

According to the layout, one side of the kitchen cabinet is designed with a bevel edge.

Kitchen Cabinet Project

Custom bathroom vanities according to the client’s preference and needs.



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