Skopje, Macedonia Apartment Project

Product Supplied: Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets       

Technical Support: Customized Design, 3D Picture, Delivery, Installation Instruction


SKOPJE, MACEDONIA APARTMENT PROJECTLocated in Skopje, Macedonia, this apartment is relatively small, but still offers enough space for a young couple with their pet, who want an inviting and cozy interior design.

According to the clients' demand, as we can see, spiral stairs, beige kitchen cabinets... this apartment is already kind of an elegant language, so the next was just about how to make it more rustic. A potpourri of materials creates the laid-back atmosphere requested by the client, but still feel classy and lasting: wooden floors, artificial brick wall, fancy backsplash and blue tiles.

The client leaned toward materials and colors that brought in that very clean, modern wood, so we introduced light wood floors and beige finishes correspond to the cabinets.

We aimed to make it feel as warm and as welcoming as we could. It all went according to plan, and the result was perfect.


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