Lagos, Nigeria Full House Project

Product Supplied: Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Wardrobes, Other Home Furnishing    

Technical Support: Customized Design, 3D Picture, Delivery, Installation Instruction

We set the kitchen cabinetry taking advantage of the outer corner at the entrance, which connected the tall cabinet and the bartop and furthermore, an extra base cabinet to extend the countertop,which also can be used for display and storage.

When it comes to the color, dark wood tones to anchor the space, while burgundy red paired with light grey in the bedroom creates a unique feel.

At the beginning, the client wanted an versatile island, which, however, felt too bulky for a dark-toned kitchen.Finally it turned to be a dinning table and we introduced a bar top for complement.The gold accents add a contemporary yet timeless feel, especially paired with the wood cabinets.


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