Durban,South Africa Custom Cabinet Project-May 2023

Durban,South Africa Custom Cabinet Project-May 2023

Product Supplied: Laundry Cabinets

Technical Support: Customized Design, 3D Picture, Delivery, Installation Instruction

In this apartment project, Allure designed versatile cabinets for the laundry according to the client's requirements.

Durban,South Africa Custom Cabinet Project-May 2023

Based on the layout of the laundry room, the designer utilized one side of the wall to create a wooden cabinet unit with integrated handles, providing storage space for everyday items. The base cabinet is equipped with a quartz countertop and reserved space for accommodating the washing machine and dryer. The wall cabinet are designed with a hanging rack, facilitating the drying process. The other side of the wall is utilized for a closed floor-to-the-ceiling wardrobe, for convenient placement of freshly washed and dried clothes. The door panels are made of matte black PET and feature long handles. The overall design of cabinets results in a simple, attractive, and practical laundry, which received positive feedback from our client.


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