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Jun 15, 2022

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Keep up with the times, live broadcast your own Part

The market is unpredictable, and there are always unexpected factors that we didn't expect. E-commerce is coming on fiercely, and some concepts need to be changed. With live broadcast becoming a mainstream marketing method, Edna's international station colleagues ushered in a tough battle.


One__ Basic work before live broadcast

To present a better picture, preparations before the live broadcast are essential.In order to better grasp the live broadcast process and work content, Chongfeng's colleagues at the front line of live broadcast went to live broadcast special training camp for training, and gradually deepened and understood the operating system of live broadcast e-commerce.

Allure Live learning

Of course, in addition to studying basic knowledge, you also need to prepare materials, script writing, venue selection, and staffing before the live broadcast.

Allure Live learning

Two__ Groping for progress

Everyone is groping around the clock, switching different angles, and presenting customers with more perfect products in a flexible way.


From the initial confusion and overwhelming to the gradual steps to try, to the present continuous improvement and excellence. The anchors dedicated to Edna are attracting more attention from customers with their actions.


Three__ Dedication, fearlessness and tenacity

As the saying goes, three minutes on stage, ten years off stage. All successes and gains were hard-won. There are always more solutions than difficulties. Cross-time zone and cross-regional issues have not prevented everyone from moving forward.

Allure Live learning


Allure Live learning

In order to overcome the time difference between domestic and foreign countries, the live broadcast team often worked overtime until late at night, or got up early in the morning and went to the company to start live broadcast work that lasted 3-4 hours.

The anchors continue to work overtime to rehearse, carefully study the angles and details, and carefully consider the script lines, just to present a better live broadcast effect.


Four__ teamwork

The company's continuously growing live e-commerce team is inseparable from the advancement of colleagues at the international station and the support of logistics colleagues.

Allure Live learning

Face challenges, embrace change, and enjoy the process. Only by actively embracing and adapting to change can we benefit from it and break through blind spots.


The growth of the company's live broadcast e-commerce is difficult, difficult, and unknown, but we still believe that the future is promising and just around the corner!

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Allure Live learning

Allure Live learning

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